Small- to Medium-Sized Business Accounting Consulting

Our Services

Let Dustin Mason Accounting take care of the accounting and finances so that you can have the freedom to run your business and reach your goals.

  • Financial Statements

    Timely financial statements help your management team get data to make better decisions.

  • Strategic Planning

    Specialized guidance, goal setting and more to help your business succeed.

  • Bookkeeping

    Reconciling and tracking bank and credit card statements, loans, and investments.

  • Budgeting

    Personalized consulting help to understand and grow your business.

  • Monitoring

    Reviewing and monitoring income statements and accounts for consistency and accuracy.

  • Accounting

    Monitoring and analyzing accounts payable and receivables.

Frequently Asked Questions

I’m not in the same state. Can you still provide the same level of service for my business?

Absolutely. Thanks to technology like Zoom, QuickBooks Online, and other softwares and platforms, it’s easy to do most things remotely. Whether you’re in another state or your office is simply working remotely, we’re able to meet your needs.

How can a consultant help me with my small business?

A financial consultant provides you with expert-level guidance, helping you understand your financial strengths and weaknesses as a business. From bookkeeping and accounting to strategic planning and more, a small business consultant works with you to set goals, plan budgets and discuss your financial plan to meet your business (and personal!) goals.

What kind of accounting training do you offer?

If you’d prefer to keep some accounting tasks in-house, Dustin Mason can help train your team for most accounting and finance-related tasks. Training can be hosted in-person or over Zoom and will help your team be more efficient and cost-effective.